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CHE Nicaragua Regional Trainer


Dania used to work for the CHE in Nueva Segovia, and now works with a women’s NGO


CHE Nicaragua Volunteer

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Don Chico

CHE leader, community leader, coffee cooperative leader, coffee farmer, husband, father.

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CHE Nicaragua Area Trainer ~ Janneth Diaz Vargas


"What I love most about CHE is the way the ministry enters a community - it's like the way Jesus entered communities. And you see the truth of that when you see people respond to the CHE ministry". Janneth

 Are you compelled to help the hurting in a way that empowers the person being helped; that is extremely cost effective and supports physical and spiritual transformation? Partnership in HOPE would like to help you learn how to connect with others with the same heart and desire to see transformation.

Partnership in HOPE is compelled by Christ's love to help lives be transformed physically and spiritually.

To learn more about the missions in our individual communities please see the pages for Kenya, Nicaragua & South Sudan

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Partnership in HOPE promotes Christ-centered transformation through empowerment. Our aim is to help develop poor communities wholistically and strive for self-sustainability.  

  • We partner with churches and other NGO’s to help facilitate wholistic community development awareness training, vision seminars and education.
  • We help to identify specific opportunities for individuals and organizations to help support community development in North America and the majority world.
  • We facilitate the introduction of wholistic community development in poor communities and assist in the creation of action plans.
  • We assist in educating Christian NGOs about micro-enterprise best practices and the fair-trade business network.